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We work in the areas of public law and private law that we know best. We believe that by targeting select areas of the law, we enhance our legal judgment and effectiveness, so we can work creatively and effectively for each client.

We have advocated for the rights of Indigenous peoples, women, LGBTQ people, persons with disabilities, persons who use illicit drugs, political and other dissenters, and poor people. We have advocated for clients challenging the constitutionality of laws and for those who have been subjected to unconstitutional state action.
We represent Indigenous clients in Aboriginal rights and title claims; proceedings to ascertain and interpret treaty rights; claims for interference with and damage to our clients’ lands; and other litigation aimed at protecting the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples.
We counsel and represent clients at all stages of the dispute resolution process, from pre-commencement advice and assessment, through pre-trial steps, mediation, arbitration or trial and, where appropriate, appeal. We are known for finding pathways to equitable solutions in complex disputes, and we have a solid record in the court and arbitration room.
We represent clients with employment-related legal issues, including personal and sexual harassment complaints and work-related human rights complaints. We also help individuals obtain appropriate compensation for workplace injuries, work-related psychological conditions and occupational diseases.

Our Notable Cases

“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.” -Louis D. Brandeis

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